EVERYBODY OBEYS HIM (purely Original Discourse)


16 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

Daevii hyeśá guńamayii mama Máyá duratyayá;

Mámeva ye prapadyante Máyámetáḿ taranti te.

The Lord says, “This Divine Máyá of Mine is very powerful, so it is not possible for ordinary living being to surmount that Maya.

But ‘Mámeva ye prapadyante Máyámetáḿ taranti te’ – ‘those who taken shelter in Me, Máyámetáḿ taranti te, he can easily surmount this Máyá with My help.’

So here it is clear that Máyá is His – “Shaktih Sá Shivasya Shaktih.”

But in Máyá you know there are two things, Vidyámáyá and Avidyámáyá, the centripetal force and the centrifugal force.

The Centre seeking force, and the centrifugal force.

One helping the aspirants to move towards the Nucleus and the other drifting them away from the Nucleus, increasing the radius from HIM.

Now there are certain functions, certain actional expressions of Avidyámáyá as well. There are two Máyás, it is not at all logical to think even that only Vidyámáyá will function, Avidyámáyá will also do something.

And that’s why there are opposite, rather, sometimes self contradictory expressions in the Parama Puruśa.

Why these cyclones, why these earthquake, why these floods?

They are all expressions of the Avidyámáyá. But because the balance is maintained, due to the expressions of Vidyámáyá in the universe, is in a position to maintain its equipoise. Otherwise, equipoise will have been lost.

In the Vedas it has been said regarding this nature of Parama Puruśa, because HE functions through both Vidyá and Avidyá, so sometimes HIS actions are beneficial, sometimes HIS actions appear to be non-beneficial; that is, prima facie they are not beneficial, but actually they are also beneficial, because Avidyámáyá is also HIS.

When HE punishes, suppose this punishment, this action of punishing, is done by, with the help of, whom?

With the help of Avidyá.

But what is the Intention?

The Intention is good.

In the Vedas it has been said, “Anejadekaḿ manaso javiiyo.”

Anejat, not ejat – not moving, that is, fixed. Ejat.

Why is HE fixed, why is HE stationary?

Because HE is above the periphery of time, space and person.

Where there is neither any time, nor any space, nor any person.

Can there be any movement, can there be any speed, what to speak of velocity?

There cannot be any.

So HE is Anejat, means non-moving.

In Saḿskrta the root verb “eja” means “to move”.

Samánam ejati ityarthe Samájah, that is, a group of people moving together is Samájah. Anejat.

Ekam” The very word “ekam” is self-contradictory because regarding the
Cosmic Entity you cannot use any numeral.

Whatever you think comes within the arena of your mind, of mental creation. So how can you bind HIM with something that is of your mental creation? You cannot.

But even then we are say that HE is Ekam.

HE is Singular Entity.

And what is the reason?

The reason is that when our mind, when the mind of a Sádhaka becomes pointed, that is one-pointed, only under such circumstances, one can realize HIM.

That’s why, if any numeral is to be used for HIM, that numeral should be |ekam, and not three or four.

Anejadekaḿ, it has been said, “Manaso javiiyo”; that is, “faster than the mind.” The mind moves very fast, and HE moves faster than the mind.

Just now it has been said, Anejat, not moving; and again it has been said that His movement is very fast.

Why, How?

Manaso javiiyo – that is, it defeats the mind.

As far as movement is concerned, it is the, it devours the championship. How?

Manaso Javiyo.

Unit minds, or microcosms, have got certain movement, and that movement is faster than any worldly quinquelemental movement.

It will take some time for a man to reach travel the moon from this earth, but for the mind it will take no time.

The mind is faster, the mind movement is faster than all quinquelemental movements.

Movement of mind means here movement of microcosm. And, as microcosm is a microscopic fraction of Macrocosm, So Macrocosm is faster than all microcosms.

And as Microcosm, as Macrocosm is a transformed form, or cruder form of Cosmic Cognition, certainly Cosmic Cognition is faster than Macrocosm. And that’s why it has been said, “Manaso javiiyo.”

Naenaddevá ápnuvan púrvamarśat.”

Deva means Expressions.

Here “Deva” means “Indriya” – Sensory Organ and Motor organs.

Sensory organ and motor organs are less speedy than the mind, so your organs cannot catch Him.

If there is, say, a mile race amongst so many persons – say your ten Indriyas and Mr. X, Y, Z, A, B, C, so many persons, all having ten Indriyas – and the Macrocosm and the microcosm – then who will be the champion? Certainly Mind will be the Champion.

So how can we catch Him with the help of your Indriyas, with the help of your eyes and ears?

Some people say, “I want to see Him.” How can your eyes see Him, when it has got, catch Him when it has got lesser speed than His?

That’s why it has been said, “Naenaddevá ápnuvan púrvamarśat” – no indriya, no sensory organ or motor organ can catch Him. “Taddhávato’nyánatyeti” – When there is a race, what does happen?

He surpasses everything. Taddhávato’nyánatyeti – atyeti – moves faster, goes faster.

So how can you catch Him with the help of any of your mental creations, your philosophy, your logic, your everything, your science, and your so many things? You cannot.

It is a futile idea, it is a foolish idea, to try to catch Him with your, with the help of any of your binding ties, with the help of any of your binding tethers, with the help of any of your mental creations.

Taddhávato’nyánatyeti tiśt́hat tasminnápo mátarishvá dadháti.”

So, everybody obeys HIM.

Everybody will have to do according to HIS desires, according to HIS laws, according to the laws created by HIM for the welfare of the entire Creation.

And that’s why air, water, light and so many entities in the world are doing their prescribed duties, and they have to do their prescribed duties.

There is no other alternative.