A GREAT MAGICIAN(purely Original Discourse)


16 September 1978, Patna, INDIA

Ya eko jálavániishata iishaniibhih

Sarvánllokaniishata iishaniibhih

Ya evaeka udbhave sambhave ca

Ya etadviduramrtáste bhavanti.

The Creator of the Universe is a Great Magician.

HE creates by dint of HIS magical spells and controls the magically created Beings.

There is nothing in the Universe that cannot be or that is not controlled by HIM.

That is, Everybody, each and every Entity obeys HIM and HE establishes HIS control with the help of His Shakti.

Shaktih sá Shivasya Shaktih”.

Shakti” has got no other alternative but to do according to HIS desire, and HE with the help of that “Shakti” controls everything.

As HE is the Supreme Controller, that’s why HE is “Iishvara”.

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.

When a Magician creates something, the spectators will think, “Oh! What a Magic! What a Grand Show!”

But the Magician knows the Secret.

The Magician knows that if anybody from amongst the spectators know, get the chance to know the Inner secret of the Magic, then he won’t be treated or bewildered by that Magic and till the Magical spell is there, they will feel certain charm for the magically created world.

Afterwards the charm will go away.

He will say, “No, no, no, I don’t want to see this Magic. I want to go to the party of the Magician, not to the party of the Spectators.”

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.

But the Magician, HE wants that they should witness the display.

But the spectators or the Intelligent persons amongst those spectators, who want to join the Jadugar’s party, what he will do?

He will develop Love for the Magician and join that party and after joining that party, each and every secret of the magic will be known to him.

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.

Ya evaeka udbhave sambhave ca”.

Now, all these Magical Expressions, Magical Displays, have their origin in HIM.

HE expressed HIMSELF in the form of so many magical displays.

And it is that Magician, who retains and nourishes the magically created objects; and finally those objects go back to the Inner arena of that Magician.

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.

Ya etadviduramrtáste bhavanti”.

And that Intelligent Spiritual Aspirant who came in close contact with the Magician by dint of his extreme Love for the Magician attains Immortality.

What is Immortality?

Everything in this Universe is subject to wanings and decayings, but the Supreme Veracity remains unchanged, unmetamorphosed.

So, a man, the aspirant, the Intelligent Aspirant taking shelter in HIM, also attain Immortality.

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.

And that’s why HE is known as “Mrtyurmrtyu”. HE is the Death of death.

That is, “Death comes to a pause, when Death comes near HIM, that is Death is to undergo death before HIM.

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.

Amrtáste bhavanti”, they become Immortal.