BEYOND THE PERIPHERY (purely Original Discourse)


21 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

Púrńamadah Púrnamidaḿ púrńát púrnámudacyate.

Púrńasya púrńamádáya púrńamevávashisyate.

The Non-attributional Entity is Infinite, and also the Attributional Entity is Infinite. And when this Infinite Entity is taken away from that Infinite Entity, the remainder is also Infinite.

So it is very difficult to use any article for HIM. But even then, that existential Entity is known as a Singular Entity, “Ekah Devah sarvabhutesu gúŕha.”

Why do we say that – “Ekah Devah sarvabhutesu gúŕha.”

When we know the common sense knows the Philosophers say, that the Supreme Entity is Infinite, even then we say It is One – You know, it is Infinite, even then we say, HE is One, why?

What for, because we find no other, no second Infinite Entity; that’s why we say, HE is a Singular Entity.

Although Infinite, HE is One, because of absence of any second entity.

That’s why we find no other alternative but to say that HE is One.

Because we find no other similar Infinite Entity that’s why, we find no other alternative, but to say One, that Singular Entity, and where doth lie, that Singular Entity?

And what is the nature of that Singular Entity?

HE is Singular Entity is One, HIS stance remains unchallenged forever, but what sort of entity HE is, or It is?

HE is Deva. HE is Deva.

What is Deva?

The word comes from the root “Div”, that is “the Supreme Vibrational Entity” or “the Supreme Vibrated Entity” – Vibration Personified and HE by nature vibrates everything.

HE is the Supreme motivation.

Wherever there is Vibration, it is Deva.

But HE is not Ordinary Deva. HE is the collection of all Vibrations, that’s why HE is Mahádeva.

HE is the Controller of all our vibrations, that’s why HE is Mahádeva.

Ekah Devah.

There may be so many, there may be innumerable Devas, but Mahádeva is One Singular Entity; HE controls all Devas, all Vibrations.

Sarvabhuteśu gúd́hah” – Where doth lie that Mahádeva.

Woh Mahádeva kaha rahetye Hai?

Sarvabhuteśu gúd́hah” HE lies coveted in each and every expressed Entity. HE lies coveted in each and every manifestation.

That manifestation may or may not come within the scope of sensory and motor organs.

Now, you may say, does HE lie coveted in each and every Expressed entity, and doesn’t HE remain beyond the Expressed entities?

No, HE is with both, within and without.

HE is within the entities and without the entities, and that’s why, HE is the Controller of all Actions. He is the Karmádhyakśa.

HE is Sarvavyápii, HE is all-pervading – “Sarvavyápii sarvabodhantarátmá”.

HE is Sarvavyápii, HE is within each and every expressed entity, and also HE is without each and every expressed entity, because HE is Sarvavyápii.

Sarvavyápii sarvabodhantarátmá”, – HE is all-pervading, all-pervasive.

HE is beyond the scope of this expressed universe, although HE functions within the expressed Universe also.

So when one is to become one with HIM, one will have to go beyond the periphery of all these expressed expressions and manifestations.

HE will have to place HIS mind above the jurisdiction of this Phenomenal world.