1979, 17 August, DMC, TAIPEI



17 August 1979 DMC, Taipei, TAIWAN

The subject of today’s discourse is “Man and His Ideological Desideratum.”

Human life is an Ideological flow.

In the past, Philosophers used to say that man is a rational animal.

If you say that man is a rational animal, then we recognize the status of man as an animal, and the only difference between an ordinary animal and man is that man is rational.

I do not accept this theory.

Fundamentally, there are much differences amongst plant life, animal life, and human life. You know, There are certain common factors also.

Plants, animals, and human beings they require food, light, water, these are the common factors.

They sleep, they want to increase their number, and they die.

These are the common factors, common to three species, plants, animals, and humans. These three are known as Jaeva Dharma in Sanskrit, that is the Dharma, the wont’s of living beings.

But these common factors do not make the animals, plants or humans into animals. There are so many special factors.

The main difference, there are many differences between plants and animals, but the most important difference is that plants cannot move, they are stationary, and animals can move. This mobility is a special factor, a special characteristic of animals.

And there are certain plants and also certain animals whose position is just between plant and animal.

But we cannot say that animal is a moving plant, we cannot say, because of certain fundamental differences, and also living cells of plant body and animal body are not exactly the same, although fundamentally they have got common wont’s.

And the main difference between an animal and man is that animal life is to eat, drink, sleep, and die. There is no goal, no Ideological destiny.

But in case of human beings, they have got the Ideological Desideratum, they have got the Goal of life.

And while moving towards the Goal of life, if a man faces obstacles or hindrances, even he is ready to commit suicide than to surrender at the altar of obstacles or hindrances.

Such strong is human sentiment.

So, if we say that man is a rational animal, it will be just like to say that animal is a moving plant.

Man is not a rational animal. Man has got its own dignified status.

And in this respect, all humans of this world, not only world, of the entire Universe there are so many planets and stars where there is human life – and all the humans of the entire Universe have got the same wont’s and they utilize and display their wonts according to climatic conditions, condition of time and space.

But fundamentally, humanity is a Singular Entity.

And those who try to create differences between man and man, those who try to encourage fissiparous tendency are not friends or well-wishers of Human Society.

All humans are children of the same father, the Supreme Father.

So there must not be any differentiation between man and man.

And we must not say that man is a rational animal.

Human life is unlike, unlike animal life, human life is an Ideological flow. It is not simply a rational life, but an Ideological flow,

Where there is no Ideological flow, in that case, even if his physical structure is just like a man, he is not a man, he is an animal.

So each and every human being must try his best to maintain the special status of humans.

It is our first Duty.

It is our fundamental Duty.

This Ideological flow must be maintained at any cost.

Now, this Ideological flow, this Dharma, this special wont of humanity is known as BHÁGAVATA DHARMA or SANÁTANA DHARMA.

Bhagavata Dharma means Dharma concerning the Parama Puruśa, not concerning external rituals or observances, but concerning the Parama Puruśa. It is also known as Sanátana Dharma.

That is, from the very start of human life, that is from the primordial phase of human civilization, this Dharma was, this Dharma is, and this Dharma will be with all humans till there is a single man in this Universe.

Now, what are the specialities of this Bhágavata Dharma, or Sanátana Dharma or Human Dharma?

There are four portions: they are – Vistára, Rasa, Sevá, and Tad Sthiti.

Vistára: It is the characteristic of human beings to expand themselves mentally, intellectually, and in all other subtler spheres of life.

The Inquisitiveness in the subtler spheres of life is one of the human wont’s. It cannot be suppressed. It cannot be sealed. It must not be blocked forever. In the interest of a healthy progress of humanity, this Intellectual flow must not be suppressed.

And human beings can not tolerate this suppression. And those who try to suppress are enemies of humanity and their Philosophy come within the scope of Dogma.

Dogma is detrimental to human progress.

The second Item is Rasa. You know, wherever there is an existence, there is movement. Mobility is life, and the main waves of this Universe emanate from the Parama Puruśa.

Parama Puruśa and so many waves emanate from Him, and due to differences in wave-lengths, we see so many objects, so many Creations.

Now, this flow of Parama Puruśa vibrates the entire Universe. This flow of Parama Puruśa is known as Deva.

But individual entities with their individual consciousness, Individual subjectivity have got their, that is respective Individual flow also.

You want to do something. You want to write a Poem.

It is the Individual flow of your mind.

But if this Individual flow gets the support, gets the parallelism of the Cosmic flow, that is flow of Parama Puruśa, you become successful.

Otherwise you may attain some success, but your desire won’t be fulfilled. Where one, one’s endeavour is to do something great, something noble, or something bad, but it is not supported by the Cosmic flow, then that man is known as a technician.

And where that flow is supported by the Cosmic flow, that man is known as a Genius.

What is a technician?

The ordinary human quality developed to an extraordinary degree of efficiency is known as “technic” and the man “technician”.

And this second point is Rasa. It is also one of the human wont’s.

First one was Vistára, Second – Rasa, and third -Sevá,

Sevá means Service. There is a fundamental difference between business and Seva. Business is mutual. You give something and you take something. A mutual transaction. But in case of Seva, you give everything, but you take nothing in return.

It is not mutual, it is unilateral.

And this seva, when a man offers this Sevá to Parama Puruśa, it is the highest form of Service. And while rendering any service to the world, one must ascribe Parama Puruśahood to that man.

Suppose you are serving a man whose name is Ráma.

While serving Ráma, you must not think that you are serving Ráma.

In that case, there will be vanity in your mind.

You must think that Parama Puruśa has come before me in the name and form of Ráma; and by serving Ráma, I am actually serving the Parama Puruśa.

Because what is Ráma?

He is a finite expression of that Infinite Parama Puruśa.

First Vistara, Second Rasa, Third Seva, and fourth is Tadsthiti.

Tadsthiti means when one ensconces oneself at Supreme Stance is known as Tadsthiti. Parama Puruśa is the Supreme Goal, is the Supreme Desideratum of human life.

It is the terminating point, culminating point of all human approaches.

So this Manava Dharma or Bhágavad Dharma or Sanátana Dharma is the speciality that differentiates a man from an animal.

So we must develop this Human Dharma, and by developing this Human Dharma, ordinary human entity is placed upon the Supreme Glory, the Supreme Grandeur of Creation.

Now you know human existence is trifarious.

Man has got a spiritual body, a psychic body and his quinquelemental body – this physical structure – hands, legs, ears, nose.

When the flow is towards the Supreme Desideratum, there must be an adjustment, there must a parallelism amongst these three flows of human Spirit, human Mind, and human Entity.

That is, there must be parallelism between Spiritual flow and Spiritual Wave, and Psychic Wave, and there must be parallelism between Psychic Wave and Entitative wave.

For progress in Entitative flow, one is to lead a pure life, a moralistic life, a life based on Moral Principles. Don’t do anything bad.

What is bad?

Bad means that depraves human existence, and follow a strict code of Morality, live a pure life, a neat and clean life. Be strict in 16 Points.

And thus what will happen?

Your Entitative flow will get purified and will be in a position to maintain a parallelism with your Psychic wave.

For maintaining parallelism between psychic waves and spiritual wave, what you’re to do?

You are to follow the auto-suggestion and outer-suggestion of Incantations.

What is Outer-suggestion?

If you are in the company of good persons, that company – their discourses, their talks will influence your mind, and your mind will be purified.

The curvatures will be less and the flow will be straightened. This is Outer-suggestion through Incantations and

What is the Auto-suggestion through Incantations?

It is you’re doing Meditation and doing japa (Mantra repetition) as per the instruction of the Ácárya. This is Auto-suggestion.

These Incantative auto-suggestion and Incantative outer-suggestions will purify your mind, and the mind will be in a position to maintain proper parallelism with your Spiritual flow.

What is Spiritual flow?

For Spiritual flow, you need not go through so many books and so many scriptures.

You need not do anything else; only all your propensities should be suspended and brought to a particular point, a particular gland; a particular nucleus of a gland and goaded unto the Parama Puruśa.

That is, you, when you love the Parama Puruśa with all your propensities – good and bad, good or bad, then that collective flow of your mind is Devotion.

By dint of one’s Devotion, one attains that Supreme Stance, one gets Parama Puruśa.

So, Devotion is the only secret in Spiritual movement, and

the Incantative auto and outer-suggestions will help you in Psychic movement.

And neat and clean life based on Morality will help you in Entitative flow, and there must be a happy blending, a parallelism amongst Entitative waves, Incantative waves, and Spiritual waves.

Now, the Supreme Goal of Spiritual movement is the Desideratum of Ideological flow of all human beings.

We should always remember this point.

Now one may say, that we are ordinary human beings?

How are we to maintain this parallelism without HIS special grace, without the special grace of the Parama Puruśa?

The obstacles, the hindrances are known as Máyá.

It is a very Powerful force.

And it tries to deprave. It tries to degenerate the very existence of human beings.

How an Individual with his poor mind can fight against such a strong force, Máyá?

Yes, one can fight.

If one gets the Grace of Supreme, one can fight.

Now, you may say, “That gentleman has got HIS Grace and I am being deprived and I do not get the Grace. What to do?”

No, HE is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and all-loving.

HIS Grace is for all without any exception. But because of your Individual vanity, you do not realize it.

Suppose, suppose, suppose there is actually heavy rain of Grace.

If you hold an umbrella of vanity upon your head, you won’t be drenched, others will be drenched.

So, you remove the umbrella of vanity from your head, you will be drenched by HIS grace.

So, no man is unimportant.

No man is insignificant.

Everybody is VIP.

All of you were born of noble family, noblest family, because Parama Puruśa is your Father.

You are not an Insignificant person.