12 May 1979 DMC, Fiesch, SWITZERLAND

Today’s discourse is, “Microcosm and Its Object of Ideation.”

The Microcosm is of Macro-psychic Conation, and as such all the attributions of Macrocosm, all the wonts of Macrocosm are present in Microcosm also, but in a miniature form.

By nature, Microcosm is an, is a Objectivated, is an Objectivated counterpart of Macrocosm and it being within the Infinite scope of Macrocosm, goes on moving and moving.

The path is of Infinite length.

It will go on moving till it reaches the definite Goal.

What should be the Goal?

It is the one of the psychic wonts is that any object takes the form of its Goal, i.e., it is transmuted into its Object.

So, the Object of Ideation for the Microcosm is to be selected very carefully.

Now let us see, what should be the best Object of Ideation?

First of all, take the case of the Tempus, the Tempus Eternal. What it is?

It is a Psychic measurement on the Motivity of Action.

Now, can it be the Object of Ideation?

It cannot be the Object of Ideation because first thing is, it is a Psychic measurement.

For psychic measurement there must be a psychic body, i.e. the unit Psychic body, and when the unit Psychic body measures it, it cannot be the Supreme Entity. Hence it cannot be the Object of Ideation.

The second thing is, second requisite factor is that it is Psychic measurement, to measure, it is a verb.

Now, Psychic measurement means Psychic Mobility and Psychic Mobility means a change of Space.

The Entity that requires a psychic change of Place or change of Space cannot be the Supreme Entity.

For this reason also, the Tempus Eternal cannot be your Object of Ideation.

The third thing is, this measurement is on the Motivity, Mobility or Motivity of Action.

What is Motivity or What is Mobility?

It is also based on the change of Physical Place or Space.

When this physical world was first created, then the measurement of Action is to be done by the psychic body of the Microcosm.

So the factor, the entity whose Existence, whose very Existence depends upon these Physical or Psycho-physical factors cannot be the Supreme Entity.

So here we see that the Tempus Eternal is not our Goal, it is not something Psychic, it is not even something Abstract. It is worst than the Abstract.

So, it is something cruder than human beings; rather human beings are the creators of this Entity, hence it is not our Object of Ideation, it cannot be our Object of Meditation, it cannot be our Object of Adoration or Exaltation.

Then take the case of Nature.

There are some persons or there were some person in the past who were worshipers of Nature, worshiping tree, worshiping sky, like this.

Can nature be the Object of Ideation? No, Certainly not.

What is Nature?

Nature is the name of a particular style according to which the Operative Principle functions.

It is simply a style.

The Style cannot be the Object of Meditation or Ideation.

And Second thing is, as nature is nothing but a Style only, if that Style becomes the Object, then the very Entity will be converted into the Style, into a Style only. A Foolish Idea.

So the Nature worshipers, they may be learned scholars, but they move in fools’ Paradise.

Nature cannot be your Object of Ideation.

Then third – Fate.

There were and there are many people who are fatalists. They are worshippers of Fate.

Fatalist means worshiper of Fate, Worshiper of Fortune and Fate.

They are worse than Nature worshippers.

What is Fate?

There is nothing called Fate in this Universe.

So far as the Philosophy can say, there cannot be anything called Fate.

What is Fate?

When each and everybody will have to undergo the reaction of his past actions.

When the Original action is known, we say it is the reaction of that action.

Suppose your finger comes in contact with fire; you will get the pain, you will have to suffer but at that moment you will say or you will feel that because the finger came in contact with fire, that’s why he is undergoing the trouble.

But when the reaction takes place after a long gap, and when the Original Action is not known or forgotten, or the Original Action took place in another Past life, there you do not know what was the Original Action – in that case you say, it is Fate, it is Fate.

But actually there is no Fate.

What you call Fate is actually Reaction of our Past actions.

In Saḿskrta, it is called “Saḿskára”, “Saḿskára”. In Latin “Reactive Momenta”.

Then the third thing is, so this Fate cannot be the Object of Ideation – Fate is simply the Reaction of Original Action.

So when there is no Original Action, there cannot be any Reaction.

So, Reaction is a Creation of your own Action.

When reaction is a Creation of your own action, you are the Creator, you are the Father of Reaction.

So, how Reaction can be your Object of Ideation?

No, a man must not be a Fatalist, a man must not be a Fate-worshiper, a man should be bold, he should boldly face all troubles, all consequences.

He must not be Fatalist.

So Fate cannot be the Object of Meditation.

Fight against Fate.

Then, some people say that these are, is of Accidental Creations. This Universe is an Accidental Creation.

An Accident is the Root Cause of this Creation.

So Accident is the GOD because it Created the World, and so Accident should be the Object of Ideation.

It is also a foolish Idea.

What is Accident?

There is nothing called Accident – Everything is Incident.

When an Action is materialized within the short span, within a very short span, or when the Root Cause of the Action is not known to us, we are just seeing the Reaction, we are just seeing the Incident.

The cause, the Causal side of the Incident is not known to us, or when the Causal side is translated into Action within a very short span, we say it is Accident.

But actually Nothing is Accident, Everything is Incident.

Because of our Futility, of or because of our want of knowledge, we say it is Accident.

When the Causal side, when the Causal factor is translated into Action within a very short span, say within a few seconds, we say it is Accident and when it is translated into Action slowly, we do not say it is Accident, we say it is an Incident.

So, accident is not something Providential, or accident is not something beyond the scope of time, space and person.

Because all Accident takes, all Accident takes place within the span of, within the scope of time, space and person.

The Entity that is within the, not beyond the Periphery of Time, Space and Person cannot be your Goal, cannot be your Object of Ideation, cannot be your Object of Meditation and cannot be your Creator or the Source of Exaltation.

Some people say, these Quinquelemental factors of which this Universe is made of?

The Quinquelemental factors, what are these factors?

They are nothing but condensed form of Energy.

And what is Energy?

It is nothing but the condensed form of Psychic stamina.

Then, how these Quinquelemental factors of this Expressed world can be the Object of Ideation?

They cannot be your Goal, they cannot Goad you unto the path of Beatitude.

So those who are worshipers or Meditators of Quinquelemental factors are misguided people.

They are just wasting their Energy for nothing.

Some people are of opinion that, the Cosmic Energy is the Original Source or Causal Matrix of the Universe, hence this Causal Matrix should be the Object of Ideation.

But what is this Causal Matrix?

Causal Matrix, this Cosmic Energy cannot be regarded as the Causal Matrix because it is a Blind force.

Energy is a Blind force, Electricity is a Blind force, it is being controlled by Human Intellect.

So the Cosmic Energy having no Intellectual support behind it, cannot be the Causal Matrix, because everywhere in this Universe we see everything is in an Orderly style, i.e., there is an something Intellectual behind the Cosmic Energy.

And that’s why, there is Order everywhere, there is System everywhere.

The Entire creation is of a Systematic Order; so it cannot be a Creation of a Blind force or Blind energy.

There must be some Intellectual Force behind it.

So the Cosmic Energy cannot be treated as the Causal Matrix, and cannot be ascribed, No Godhood can be ascribed to it.

It cannot get the Status of Causal Matrix.

Some people are of the opinion that there is the Soul, there is the Spirit in each and every structure and that Spirit is the Goal of our Life.

You see, there are so many Spirits and Souls associated with so many Microcosms, they have got, they have to function under certain limitations.

They cannot go beyond the arena of Microcosm.

An Object, or rather an Entity having such a limited scope like Unit Spirit or Unit Cognitive faculty cannot be your Object of Ideation, cannot be the Supreme Creator.

Then, Who is your Object of Ideation, Who should be your Object of Ideation?

Who is the faculty that creates you, feeds you, and takes you on His lap when the proper time comes?

HE is the Cognitive Force behind the Cosmic Energy.

HE controls the Cosmic Energy with His Intellectual and Intuitional Power.

HE is the Parama Purus´a and actually HE is the Causal Matrix, and so HE should be your Only Object of Ideation, Only Object of Meditation, and HE is the Supreme Father.

There is no other alternative but to move along HIS path.

HE knoweth All.

Be one with HIM.

Now from the very start of your Life, in distant past and to, up to the final culmination of all your movements and marches you are with HIM, you will be with HIM and under no circumstances you can be away from HIM.

So HE is the only Object of Ideation, that Parama Purus´a.

The root meaning of the term “BA´BA´” is “the Dearest One” or “the Nearest One”.

As HE is the Supreme Father, the Parama Purus´a, HE is BA´BA´ of the Entire Creation; and because you are the Created beings, you are HIS loving children, you are also His BA´BA´ – because BA´BA´ means “Nearest and Dearest One”.

As HE is your only Object of Ideation, as HIS name is the only Projection of your Microcosmic Entity, Only Thought-Projection, Only Introversial Projection, Intro-cum-Extroversial Projection, so HIS name should be always with you, in your Mind, in your Tongue, in your Vocal cord, Everywhere.

And I feel, and I also Realize, and that’s why I say, when HIS devotees, HIS children sing Ba´ba´ Na´m Kevalam, HE also sings Ba´ba´ Na´m Kevalam.

Kalya´n´amastu !!!