1988, 29 May DMC, ANANDA NAGAR




The Subject of today’s discourse is “Macro-psychic Conation and Micro-psychic Longings”.

When the Great will unmanifest, the attributional emanation starts, when the Supreme Triangle of bondages or binding fetters gets dis-balanced, that is, its equilibrium and equipoise are lost.

In case of Microcosm, the unit, that microcosm cannot remain without thinking.

Can Macrocosm remain without thinking?

No, when the Supreme Balance, the Supreme triangular Balance never… equipoise and equilibrium, Macrocosm can also, cannot also remain without thinking, it will have to do. So what does happen?

The Macrocosm meditates on Microcosm and Microcosm meditates on Macrocosm.

Because of this Meditating emanation of the Macrocosm that Universe moves and because of the longing of Microcosm on the Macrocosm, the Unit moves from zero point to the range of Dust Infinity. This is the Liilá of the Supreme.

Action or thought where we can find out the reason is called Kriidá and where the reason is beyond our scope or jurisdiction of thinking, we call it Liilá.

Whatever the Macrocosm does is beyond the periphery of Human Intellect and thus it can be referred has His is Liilá.

Bábá’ speaks in Bangla first and then in Hindi language.

When this Macro-psychic Conation, when it starts its Action, the Universe is Created; this, has a result of this Attributional Emanation.

This Attributional Emanation or this Macro-psychic Conation is His Auto-Internal Projection, is His Auto-Internal Projection.

HE Creates everything within & nothing Without. There is nothing without. Even the blade of Grass in this Universe is within His Vast Mind, within the Mind of the Great Puruśa, the Great Entity, the Macrocosm.

But whatever is His Auto Internal Projection; in case of Unit it is Outer External Projection of the Unit Mind.

Whatever you get has Auto Internal Projection of Cosmic Mind of the Macrocosm is the Outer External Projection for the Microcosm.

That is to find, whatever you has Auto internal projection of Microcosm is simply a Psychic Phenomenon or Psychic Phenomena.

This Psychic Phenomena of Microcosm has got no value for another Microcosm because that another Microcosm won’t treat it, won’t feel it, won’t realize it as a Reality and here lies the fundamental difference between Macro-Psychic Conation and Micro Psychic Longing.

Micro-Psychic Longing whatever the Microcosm sees has its Outer External, has Outer External Projection, he thinks in that line, his longings, his desire are created on that basis, on the basis of that External Experience projected Internally within his small mind.

So whatever the Macrocosm or Macro-psychic Entity thinks is a Reality for Microcosm and whatever the Micro-psychic longing, his/her longing are a simply a psychic phenomena for the Macrocosm having no Real Value in this Universe.

Those who think that this Universe is not a Reality because it is Macro- Psychic, it is of Macro-psychic Conation, they are not thinking in proper way.

Yes, this Macro-psychic Conation is also passing through, moving Reality, it is not a Static Reality.

You boys you know, What?

Is there any Static Reality in this Universe; everything moves, nothing is Static.

Staticism is not the wont of this Universe; Mobility is the wont of this Universe.

So this Universe, an Attributional Emanation of Macrocosm is, its quite Natural, is moving, it is a moving Reality.

If those two entities, Macrocosm and Microcosm has taken side by side, its Conation, Macro-psychic Conation, its Conation, Micro-psychic longing, the fundamental difference between these two entities are — that is,

Macro-psychic Conation based on the Macro-psychic Existence, has got the faculty of Greatness, and

this Micro-psychic entity creating Micro-psychic longing has got the faculty of desiring, wanting something from somebody else?

This is the difference, that is, its Attributional wont is Greatness, and its His Smallness.

Etávupádhi para jiivayostayo

Tayorvirodho’yamupádhih kalpito

Navástavah kashcidupádhireśah

Ishádya máyá mahadádikárańaḿ

Jiivasya káryaḿ shrńu paiṋcakośam


Etávupádhi para jiivayostayo

Samyag nirásena para na jiivo

Rájyaḿ naŕendrasya bhat́asya khetáka

Stayorapohena bhat́o na rájá.

Now the Attribution of Greatness, Attribution of Controlling everything Internally and Externally, is with Macrocosm and having no such Attribution, but which is fully guided by the Guiding faculty of the Macrocosm, is the wont of Microcosm.

If by dint of one’s own Sádhaná, the Microcosm attracts the faculty of Macrocosm, that is having its Object has the Supreme or rather Ascribing Godhood or Gratitude to whatever it sees or whatever it realizes through different Inferences, the Microcosm will become one with Macrocosm.

And this is the Goal of Human life and Human Existence.

Bábá is speaking first in Bangla and then in Hindi language.

No clapping…

The only duty of a Human being is to move along the path of Righteousness till he reaches the Supreme Entity, till he touches the Sweet Feet of the Supreme Entity.

Only Bangla part Bábá speaks here and ends the Discourse, which has to be transliterated by Devotee.

Bábá is rendering



Saḿ vo Manáḿsi jánatám,

Devábhágaḿ yathá Púrve

Saḿjánáná Upásate

Samánii va Ákútih

Samáná hrdayánivah,

Samánamastu vo mano

Yathá vah Susahásati

AUM Shanti; AUM Shanti; AUM Shanti reva Shanti

Guru Pújá is being done by all Spiritual Aspirants to Beloved Bábá.

Bábá blesses by chanting this below Verse one time and repeat the meaning of this verse – first in English, then in Bangla language and in Hindi language.

Sarve’tra Sukhinah Bhavantu

Sarve santu Nirámayáh;

Sarve Bhadráńi Pashyantu

Na kashcid Duhkham ápnuyát

Aṷm ́ Shántih Auḿ Shántih Auḿ Shantih.

Let Everybody be happy;

Let Everybody be free from all ailments;

Let Everybody see the bright side of everything;

Let nobody be forced to undergo any trouble under pressure of Circumstance.

Bábá says, All of you do Kiirtan & leaves the DMC Stage.