1988,1 January DMC, ANANDA NAGAR

PROPENSITIES AND PRAMÁ{Purely Original Discourse}


1 January 1988 DMC, Anandanagar, INDIA

The Subject of today’s Discourse is “Propensities and Pramá”. As you know, Propensities are of two kinds:

Introversial propensities and

Extroversial propensities

What is Propensity?……

……So whenever, I say Propensities, it means not only Psychic or Psycho-physical Propensities, but also Psychic and Psycho-Spiritual Propensities……

…..As for I understand, Parama Puruśa certainly has Great Love for HIS children; HE will certainly want HIS sons and daughters to reach their Ultimate Goal.

You know that how much Bliss human beings enjoy, as for as I understand in mind of Parama Puruśa enjoys Bliss even more.

Victory to you all.