1986, 1 January DMC CALCUTTA



DMC – 1 January 1986, Calcutta, INDIA 

The subject of today’s discourse is “Existential Flow and Its Culminating Point”. There is mind; there is Microcosm, in each and every existence in this Universe.

In inanimate objects, the mind is in its stagnant point, is in Cimmerian slumber; but amongst animated beings, the mind plays a very important role and amongst those living beings or animated creatures, in humans, the mind plays the most dominating role. …………….

…..In this way, you are fighting those Inner and Outer bondages with one hand, and serving the Universe with another hand, what will happen?

Your existence will be Blissful in each and every field of your movement.

So the very existence will be joyful, the very existence will be Blissful.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla.

So you are fighting against your internal and external bondages with the left hand and serving the Universe with the right hand thinking that this Universe is Mine and I am for this Universe, if I don’t render any service to the Universe, then who else is going to do? I am here to serve them.

Bábá is speaking  in Hindi here.

Human existence is a Psychic flow, and to attain, rather to have the proximity of Parama Puruśa, or to become one with the Cognitive Principle, is the Goal of Human life, is the Desideratum of all human Existential flows.

We should remember it and our movement should always be with never-ending acceleration.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla and then in Hindi here.

We are to move on, and our only march, only Desideratum is that Supreme Cognitive Principle and there cannot be more than one Desiderata for Human Existence.