1985, 26 May, DMC DISCOURSE




[This discourse has lot of errors in the audio file so i did my best to edit the above and if you see any passage unclear, please bear with this...

Ba'ba's Discourses have been under distortion by this handful of so called followers, who have entered AM Publication with some motto completely known to them,  who is transcribing or transliterating our AM Publications editing the tapes of DMC, GD or RU accordingly keeping the things they wish or otherwise distort it by removing or making noise over that part of the Audio/Video Discourses.

Since the time of 1979 till 1990 - we don't/can't find many DMC Discourses properly edited or published in Electronic Editions, whereas there were tapes since 1963 February 24, where Ananda Sutram was recorded in Hindi and partly Bangla, in while Beloved Baba is explaining so clearly, i have heard the tape. It will be my next work.

But since 1979, even though there is no emergency situation, the AM Publication editors have no proper recording or long written notes, who knows what has happened to all DMC Discourses after 1979 till 1990, which is not all properly reflected as it should be. They have distorted the recorded DMC tapes while editing those tapes and so it is absolutely shameless... and must be investigated  by going through each DMC discourse wherever Beloved Baba gave those either in Hindi or English.>>]

The subject of today’s discourse is “ The Macro-psychic Conation and Micro-psychic urge”.

In phase of extrovert in the emanation of Macro-Cosmic conation and so many microcosms resided in the jurisdiction of that Supra-psychic existence, its urge is the Supreme consciousness and there is Supra-psychic conscience.

Now then not beyond the periphery of that Macrocosm, the body I think is the Supra-psychic conscience; rather Supra-psychic Consciousness, consciousness having the standard of Supra-psychic trifles.

It is the matter in the periphery to know the surroundings, each and every existence is surrounded by it, by that macrocosm, so the unit with its limited knowledge and with limited spiritual capabilities tries to know it.

Although it is not permitted either positive or negative.

Baba is speaking in Bangla and Hindi here.

The Macrocosm explained in the esoteric philosophy, no logic and rationality exist.

In human existence, human mind is a small, very small fraction of that Supreme Entity, hence it is not possible for human beings, to know intellectually or in any other range of human idea.

And because it remains unknown, the human mind is there, it tries to move towards it and that movement towards the Supreme … is the urge, is the micro-cosmic urge.

Baba is speaking in Bangla and Hindi here.

Now in the phase of macrocosm also, from the phase of microcosm there is these urge till the mind exist and regarding macrocosm there is never ending attraction, there cannot be any repulsion, there is attraction.

Even when in the phase of extrovert, the crude matter is created because in the phase of negative attraction but no repulsion; there cannot be repulsion because nothing can remain outside HIM, there is nothing outside the Macrocosm.

So, either in the phase of extrovert, there is negative attraction and in the phase of introvert there is positive attraction.

Attraction is a must.

Baba is speaking in Bangla and Hindi here.

And in the other counterpart that is in microcosm the urge is there and in this micro-psychic urge, that very entity, that very Macrocosm, that very Supra psychic macro-cosmic entity is created by that and that urge is of four types.

It may create an urge of expansion in unit, unit wants to expand and has a result of t/his longing for expansion knowingly or unknowingly it moves towards the Supreme.

Second item is, it moves in rhythmic order, in pulsative order, in systaltic style in the phase of flow maintaining pinnacle, rather maintaining parallelism with the cosmic flow. And as a result of this flow, moves towards the Supreme hub, goads this unto the Supreme nave.

And third thing a longing exist with unit mind, that I do promptly for my supreme progenitor and fourth one is, let my mind, let my existence, let my everything be one with Him.

These are four standard of urge in microcosms creating an urge by Macrocosm.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla and then stops