This discourse is absolutely typed perfect listening to the audio as it is. But I had to cut-short for sake of mis-representation and mis-utilizing BABA’s ideas for name, fame etc by one and all.  When I feel quite confident, this discourse will be published. Till then they may go through the existing discourses including seminar typed discourse of this topic.



16 May 1982 DMC, Calcutta, INDIA

The subject of discourse is “Spirituality and this Panoramic Universe.”

This universe, rather this panoramic Universe is something circum-rotarian and there is the nucleus the hub.

This hub, this nucleus of our universe is also moving, moving without change in the space.

Then, when there is no change in space, then how can there be a movement?……

…..Ours should be a proper adjustment, and for that adjustment, we got no other alternative but to follow the lofty and subtle principles of Neo-humanism.

This Neo-humanism of ours, this Neo-humanistic approach of ours is a never-ending effort, is a result of a never-ending effort through

  • our rationalistic approach,
  • our spiritual cult and
  • our spiritual mission.

That is, we apply this Neo-Humanistic Ideology in the realm of physical world, the physico-psychic world, and psycho-physical world, with all the charms and glamours of our mind, all the charms and glamours of our sweet human heart.

Baba is speaking in Bangla here. There is no  translation done for it.

After Bangla, Baba is speaking in Hindi and I have translated it with my own capacity.

By applying the concepts of Neo-humanism, we will have to rectify the physical world, physico-psychic world, and psychic world because while doing this service, we must remember that the situations which prevail today may not remain same tomorrow.

By developing our Intuition with our rigorous spiritual practice, we will be able to ascertain the future situations through proper assessment and accordingly how we can work to utilize and apply Neo-humanism, so that in future there will no difficulties arising, so that dogmas cannot be imposed on human intellect.

With temporal change, there occurs also a objective change as well. Seeing these temporal change, one must properly assess and understand the trend of the age and apply Neo-humanism accordingly with all our capacity.

No two moments are similar in nature here in this universe; nature always undergoes constant metamorphosis. We must understand this, and then apply Neo-humanism in such a way that even if there is such a change in the behaviour of nature, then human beings will work against all odds to counter Prakrti’s force, and save humanity, living beings and other species.

In this world there are several kinds of troubles, hardships, dangers, but nothing is outside avenue of Macrocosmic Cognition.

The Macrocosmic thought projection is flowing in such a way that all the vibrations emanating is not outside the purview of this macrocosmic flow – everything is within it.

By our intense love for Parama Puruśa and coming in closer proximity, one will be able to understand in which way HIS thought wave is flowing.

By our unconditional love for HIM, we can easily understand the flow and with the help of Neo-humanism, the Welfare of humanity will be certainly complied with as per necessity without fail.

We have obtained this human frame only for this purpose; and this human body will be fully utilized when you have reached the closest proximity to Supreme Consciousness. Why?

Coming in closest proximity to Supreme Consciousness helps one to know the secret of HIS mental waves. Then one will be in a position to understand what will be going to happen, what disaster we are going to face, what we could do and how we could do, and what will be our human destiny in near and distant future.

What will be the solution to all problems, can be known with these Neo-humanism.

We can bring Neo-humanism into the objective world from the subjective world, when our minds develop love for the Parama Purusa.

And to arouse this love, human beings must do sádhaná internally, that is, in the subjective world, they must enter into deeper and deeper layers of one’s existence.

I have already told you and again I am repeating, now it is the definite moment to praise the Glory of kiirtana.

I would like to say further that those who wish to have mental progress and also spiritual progress, I advice them to to do more and more kiirtana.

By kiirtana, the mind becomes purer, and with this pure mind, one must do sádhaná.

Even if mind becomes pure for five minutes due to kiirtana, then your sádhaná for only five minutes, will be very blissful and with this sádhaná you attain spiritual progress.

And because of your spiritual progress, you will come closer and closer to the Supreme Consciousness, you will come in contact with HIS psychic waves and in that state you will be able to render service to human beings, animals and plants, by means of Neo-humanism.

May you all be blessed.