1979, 20 MAY, DMC, GERMANY

20 May 1979 DMC, Timmern, GERMANY

The subject of today’s Discourse is, ‘The Noumenal Cause and The Personal God’.
When One creates many that One is called the Noumenal cause.
And when ‘many’ is created from One, that ‘many’ is called the Phenomenal effect.
We may say, ‘Falsehood is the Noumenal cause of all social crimes’.
Here social crimes are phenomenal effects, and falsehood is the Noumenal cause.
Whatever we see in this Universe, there is an apparent Noumenal cause. We see so many milk products: milk is the Noumenal cause, milk is the apparent Noumenal cause.
That is, it is not the Supreme Noumenal entity. And above all so called apparent Noumenal causes, there is the Supreme Noumenal entity, and that Supreme entity is the Parama Puruśa.
The Parama Puruśa is not something theoretical or abstract; that Parama Puruśa is your bigger ‘I’, is your greater ‘I’,is your Supreme Father, your nearest and dearest entity.
Here, the subject is that Noumenal cause.
Is that Noumenal cause simply a philosophical or figure or a figure of science? Or is nothing but a series nature of hypothesis?
Here the subject is “The Noumenal Cause and The Personal God”.
As I told yesterday, the human approaches are of four kinds.
There are four clear aspects of human expressions, of human manifestations.
And these manifestations are not only extro-internal, but intro-external also.
That is, the process may be from crude towards the subtle, and it is from subtle towards the crude also. When a man moves towards that Noumenal cause, the movement is extro-internal.
And when that Noumenal cause comes in closer contact with HIS progeny, with HIS sons and daughters, the movement is intro-external. One may say, that there is nothing external for Him, everything is internal. For the jiivas, for the created beings, there are both intro-external and extro-internal movements.
Yes, for HIM there is nothing external, but here the word ‘external’ is used or has been used in the sense that the movement is external from the nucleus – not beyond the periphery of HIS mind, but beyond the periphery of HIS centre of action.
Now a man’s intro-external movement is similarly from his cognitive point, towards his ectoplasmic manifestations.
And these manifestations take place within the periphery of his ectoplasmic body; and nothing without, everything within. But HIS extro-internal movement starts from the hub of HIS ectoplasmic structure and moves towards the Cosmic Noumenal entity, towards the Cosmic hub.
Now, during this movement, I said yesterday night that the movement is psycho-spiritual.
During this Psycho-spiritual movement, man is moving towards the Supreme Nucleus, if he knows or if he is under the impression that this Supreme Entity is a philosophical figure, or a figure of science, or a figure just like tool or other inanimate object, then his physical structure may move towards HIM, towards the Noumenal entity – his mind may also move, but his sentiment won’t feel any stir in it.
And just to accelerate the speed, rather for the very existence of speed, a sentimental support, a sentimental propulsion is an indispensable necessity.
Now, this sentimental support must be based on a rationality. Sentimentality based on rationality is the strongest force in the universe.
And sentimentality without rationality takes the form of rather distortion of Dogma.
Now what does rationality say?
Each and every particle of this universe, from a big mammoth to a small blade of grass are of HIS creation and of the Macropsychic conation.
Hence the relationship is that of Father and children, Father and HIS loving children – the Supreme progenitor and HIS progeny.
There cannot be more than one Noumenal cause. The Supreme Noumenal entity is a singular one. So the conception of so many gods, so many goddesses, so many ghosts are all based on defective ideas.
The Supreme Father, the Noumenal entity is a singular entity. And that Noumenal entity is the loving Father.
When one’s relationship with the loving Father is that of love and affection, its a domestic relationship.
There is nothing formal, or nothing sort of formality in it. The relationship is purely domestic, a family relationship.
So the Noumenal cause is not just a theoretical entity; it is your Father, your dearest and nearest one.
And one should not be afraid of God, one should not be God-fearing – one must be God-loving.
One should not be afraid of hell and one must not have any charmer fascination for the so-called heaven.
One must know that one has come from that Supreme progenitor and one’s culminating point of all sorts of marches, all sorts of movements is that Supreme Father.
Everything cometh from HIM, and goeth back to HIM. The relationship is that of love and affection, and not of any fear complex.
One must not say, “Oh God, I am a sinner.” You need not say like this – it is superfluous to say like this.
Because whatever you did is known to HIM. Then what’s the necessity of saying, “Oh God, I am a sinner?
“HE knows everything; you need not remind HIM that you are a sinner. ha……..
And you know, if you always think like this, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner”, actually you will become a sinner, if you are not a sinner – because what a man thinks, he becomes like that. If you think, always think, ‘I am a sinner, I am a sinner”, then actually you will become a sinner.
So what you are to think?
What you are to ideate upon?
That is: “Oh Father, I am your loving son. I was bit misguided, now please help me and I want to sit upon your lap, I want to remain with you, I want to be an ideal boy, an ideal girl of yours, just help me. I am very weak and you are the strongest personality”, you should say like this. Why should you say, “I am a culprit, I am a sinner, I am a bad man?”
And you may be in the social sphere, in any other sphere, in civic sphere in any other sphere of the society, you may be a bad man, you may be a bad girl, but for your Father, you are not at all bad.
He will always try to save you and always try to rectify you. He has got immense grace for you.
So you should not destroy or distort your career by saying that, ‘I am a sinner, I am bad man.’
Then naturally Father will be angry. HE will say, “Oh naughty chap, I know your are a sinner.
What’s necessity of saying like this?”
So you should remember, the Noumenal cause although it is Supreme entity in the entire universe, but it has got a very close relation, close relationship with you.
That Supreme Noumenal entity is your loving Father; and HE is not the judge of a court. HE is your loving Father, the relationship is purely domestic.
Now, when one is ensconced in this Supreme stance or Supreme idea, one will be successful in each and every arena of human life.
Whatever he will do, suppose he is doing some social service he is rendering some social service – he service will be fruitful, and he will get immense pleasure in it. But if there is no love for the Supreme entity, then what will happen?
Your work will be fruitless, and you will suffer from different kinds of psychic diseases, including frustration.
If you do your Sádhaná for ten or twenty or twenty four hours in a day, but there is no love for the Supreme entity, you are simply what, misusing the time, abusing the time.
So the first and foremost thing is that you should always remember that you are not an ordinary man, you do not come from an ordinary family, you come from the noblest and highest family of the universe because your, your Father is the most respectable person in the entire universe. ha…..
So you must not suffer from any sort of defeatist complex, any sort of fear complex and any sort of hopelessness or helplessness, because your Father is always with you.
You know, the Supreme Noumenal entity maintains the closest relationship with all other apparent Noumenal entities, so-called Noumenal entities, and those so-called Noumenal entities maintain link with each and every expression of this universe.
This indirect link of the Noumenal entity is called “Prota Yoga” in Saḿskrta. That is, whatever you are doing is indirectly known to Him through your direct Noumenal entity. And not only that, He keeps direct relationship with you also.
“Today we will decorate the hall in a very nice way, has is done in case of DMC.
And when Bábá will see these things, HE will say, ‘Let there be DMC.’” Ahh… See, these things have got direct reflection on the, what, not on your apparent Noumenal entity, but directly on the Supreme hub, directly on the Supreme Noumenal entity.
And HE will say, ‘Let, let me satisfy those little boys and girls by declaring a subject of Discourse.’
Link you see, one indirect link with each and very entity, through so many Noumenal entities, and another direct link with each and every individual, from a mammoth to a blade of grass.
So a mammoth cannot move without HIS grace, and a blade of grass also cannot move without HIS approval.
And this shows that HE maintains link with each and every entity.
Nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant.
Each and every existence is valuable.
And say old widow of say, 100 years old her life also is not meaningless. Her existence also bears certain significance.
If an ordinary ant dies a premature death, the equilibrium of the entire universe will be lost.
Nobody is unimportant, so you must not develop the psychology of hopelessness or helplessness or defeatist complex or fear complex, because the Supreme Father, the Supreme Noumenal entity is always with you.
And that link with individual is known as HIS Ota-yoga.
In case of collectivity Prota-Yoga and in case of individual is Ota-Yoga.
HIS link with you is always both Prota and Ota Yoga.
You are never alone. And your Only Goal is that Noumenal entity, HIS that Parama Puruśa and no number two, number three or number four Gods or Goddesses; the singular entity the God of all Gods.