It was not only the concern for humanity’s well-being, but also for the welfare of all living beings that was the moving spirit behind the life of Guru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI.

Prompted by this concern for universal welfare Bábá introduced DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA. Sitting in Vyasa’sana, Bábá would sow the seeds of greatness in the lives, minds, and hearts of the assembled men and women. It would be through the thousands of Sádhakas sitting before HIM that the light of HIS love and HIS message would spread in all directions.  

Bábá knew the radiance of HIS profound wisdom would permeate the world for ages to come.  

Truly speaking, it is through these DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA that Sadguru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI attracted many true devotees to develop in their spirituality and to learn how to establish one human society spreading this message of ÁNANDA MÁRGA (The PATH OF INFINITE HAPPINESS). When the Sádhakas of different districts and provinces of the whole world assembled for a few days and participated in a collective spiritual program of devotional songs, kiirtan, collective meditation and their Beloved Sadguru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s presence there, it was known as DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA (DMC). 

At DMCs, Sadguru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI would give General DARSHANS daily, grant personal contacts to moralists with missionary zeal and who has rendered great service to the living world. A special Discourse was given morning and evening during this occasion.  

Bábá would accelerate the spiritual progress of the assembled Sádhakas by creating powerful spiritual vibrations through Vara’bhaya Mudra’ (a special gesture of blessing) at the end of HIS Discourse.

All together the days of DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA was a giant festival of divine life. A number of objectives were realized through the DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA. 

The first task was the Spiritual Objective.

SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI was DHARMA GURU. Ideal individuals cannot be evolved in a fetid social and political environment bereft of Morality and Spirituality.

As a result, a healthy society cannot be developed. ÁNANDA MÁRGA Ideology was just the opposite of that of materialistic society.

SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI wished that the inherent humanity and dormant divinity be awakened through leading a balanced spiritual life. Whoever came in contact with BábáBábá would arouse and develop their inner divinity.

BA’BA’ could do this through HIS personality and Spiritual Insight. Ordinarily, a GURU performs this type of spiritual work but in a limited way, but SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI was a SADGURU, MAHÁYOGII endowed with immense powers, a Tantra Personified GURU, AND A MAHÁKAOLA . 

Bábá vibrated the different kos’as (layers) of an individual’s mind (Annamaya, Kámamaya, Manomaya, Atimánasa, Vijiṋánamaya and Hirańmaya kośas) through HIS Spiritual power.  

Bábá was able to awaken Sádhakas sleeping kulakund́alinii and lead it to Supreme union with Cosmic Consciousness at the Sahasrára cakra. When Bábá sat in DMC looking towards everyone, the devotees would gaze upon HIM to their eyes’ content. They listened enraptured to HIS poignant words. Everyone tried to follow those words in their lives and as a result would attain moral and Spiritual progress.

The second was the Intellectual objective. SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI had a marvelous Intellect cum Intuition. SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI had unrestricted access to the Intellectual world including oriental and occidental Philosophy, literature, history, archeology, Music, science, education, etc. The large collection of HIS Dictations written and Discourses noted indicates BÁBÁ’s extraordinary knowledge.

Every DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA Discourse of SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI was effulgent with HIS brilliant Intellect and penetrating Intuition.

On one hand Bábá would clearly explain Spirituality, Morality, Philosophy and Sádhaná based on a reasoned, scientific foundation and on the other hand Bábá would inculcate a rational mentality in HIS followers by striking hard at the roots of dogma and religious, social and psychic superstitions by irrefutable logic. 

Bábá followers developed a scientific, rational attitude towards Dharma, and simultaneously an aversion against dogmas of all types. As a result through HIS teaching HIS disciples learned how to speak out in unambiguous language.  

We are against man-made, divisive tendencies of all sorts. We firmly believe that all living beings are the children of the Supreme Lord. No one is superior or inferior to anyone else.

We belong to one human family irrespective of our country, religion, colour and community. All are brothers and sisters and there is one Dharma for all human beings. We are against religious hypocrisy and religious exploitation of all types. We have no faith in so-called “priest-dom”, “heaven/hell-dom” or the Philosophy of Divine Incarnation (Ava’tarava’da).

We are against Religious dogmas such as animals slaughtered in the name of religion, tyranny over innocents, idol worship and hereditary authority in religion. 

We are dead against social, psychic and religious superstitions and dogmas of all types. To strengthen the foundation of unity we have to bring humans closer together. We support widow re- marriage, inter-caste, inter-state and international marriages. We consider wrongs done to widows, child-marriage/molestation and the dowry system as heinous social injustices.

We believe that Ghosts, Spiritism and Possession by gods and goddesses are psychic superstitions. (From a pamphlet printed in 1955)

Thirdly, the social objective.

SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI wished to create a healthy and beautiful social structure free from all types of division. A healthy environment develops on the basis of mutual interaction among people. A healthy society develops as a result of living together and contemplating on the same IS’T'A (Goal) and ADARSHA (Ideology).  

In the DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA, thousands of Sádhakas were unified into One Universal “Blissful family” (A’NANDA PARIVARA) through participation in collective meditation and other spiritual practices, and in social functions like collective meals, collective bathing, conferences and Social Service. Here there was no distinction of castes.

During DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA at A’mr’a', West Bengal about 6000 to 7000 people were served food prepared by some young men belonging to so-called lowly cobbler’s caste. This caused a big uproar in the conservative Hindu society.

But the unity in the Márga society was strengthened. At the Krishnanagar DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA, young men from the so-called untouchable castes prepared and served food to everyone. Many States in India has the strongholds of Hindu orthodoxy, yet Margiis enjoyed equality in spiritual practices, devotional singing, eating and bathing.  

Since social divisions are not recognized in Ananda Marga, it has become an ordinary practice for Margiis to tie inter-caste matrimonial knots. This social blending is the beautiful result of DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA introduced by SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI who gave a Revolutionary marriage system and while teaching Sádhaná one must give up everything of their past and start life afresh with new birth and a progeny of only PARAMA PURUŚA. 

The Cultural objective was the fourth goal.

From the cultural viewpoint, all groups of people are not equally developed and similarly all the people within a group are not equally developed. At DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA thousands of families could directly or indirectly interact with each other and experience a cultural exchange of Ideas.  

Through sharing their love for humanity and cultural habits such as food habits, modes of dress, standard of education, aesthetic taste and so on people learned about themselves and the world around them; this led to greater ideological affinity and social unity. Whatever was good in a Civilization would spread to different parts of the world through these contacts. 

PRABHÁT SAḾGIITA is very popular among the people of different countries for this reason.  

The fifth was the organizational objective.

SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI gave personal interviews to many spiritual seekers and persons with missionary zeal in DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA.

On the day of DHARMA MAHÁCAKRA itself Bábá gave a special Spiritual Discourse. 

The discourses instilled the sense of deep commitment to one’s IS’T'A & ADARSHA in many people. Sincere, ideological, inspired men and women were to take an active part in the propagation of the Ideology of the Márga.

It is these people who always worked hard to organize and establish ja’grtis, schools colleges, hospitals and children’s homes everywhere they could. They started RAWA, Master Units, printing press and newspapers. These Dedicated Missionaries were pivotal to the all-round growth of the Organization.