June 17th, 2009

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PRECEPTOR – SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI(Embodiment bestowing non causal blessing)/click here

SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR (Entity who glitters like the rays of crimson dawn)/


Generally, man comes to this world for a very short period utmost 100 to 125 years only.

Within this short span of time, if one searches tirelessly beyond that Prańákendra(controlling nucleus) of that Impersonal Entity with one’s intellect, knowledge, intuition etc still then there is no time in hand.

Here it is said in scriptures that, “Grhiitvaeva kesheśu mrtyurńá Dharmácaret” – during this practice of Dharmacaran(self-existence), one must think that Yamaraja(God of death) has already started pulling one’s hair and one has to leave the body but there is no time now. With this spirit one should work sincerely and vigorously.

Within this short span one must to do as many great noble deeds…..

If at all help is needed? If at all inspiration is wanted? Who has that?

Age after age, Itihása(there is no English synonym) always moves ahead and while moving ahead, at a special age or at a particular stage, there is a certain phase, where it becomes necessary to bring a transformation in the speed, such a phase or portion of phase is known as “Annals” in Itihása. (click on this passage)

For such extraordinary special instance of time(age), humanity does need that “Annals”, not only in this planet but on its entirety and(click here)

where if exists any intellectual being equivalent to man, certainly such “Annals” takes place and it becomes necessary. (click on this passage)

Remember, this is not an ordinary evolutionary phase. In this special phase, for the “Collective Welfare of all beings”, what does happen? Táraka Brahma takes Advent.[19 November 1978, DMC - DELHI] >> read more

SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI alias SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR (ABTAB UDDHIN which in PERSIAN FOR “ PRABHÁT RAINJAN”) was the MAHÁKAOLA / “MAHÁSAMBHÚTI in this 20th century who envisioned to take Advent on this Planet Earth to set up that “Annals” on Full Moon of 21st May, 1921 in Jamalpur, Bihar State of INDIA.

Historians since very ancient time have been explaining the invasion, but the present historians defined this nineteenth century has historical era where many empires began to crumble and ceased. These empires controlled the world’s population and global slavery was abolished in all areas of existence and there by industrial revolution, which created world power nations rendering for the world wars (1914-1918) in the beginning of 20th century.

The Second World War is the largest event in the history of mankind. No population was untouched by its operations.

At this critical juncture of the century, a special manifestation in the form of SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR alias SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s advent was an inevitability and here is original discourse typed hearing the audio file of a discourse by  SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI in English which is delivered on 25 August, 1978 at Patna, INDIA which is below -

Bába’ś discourse spoken in English are in bold and in Hindi are not in bold form.

Today is that Krśńa Janmastami, regarding HIS role in development and upliftment of human history, I have already told much in the stories of Mahabhárata, it is going to be printed in book form in near future.

But the greatest or highest occurrence that HE gave to the entire human society is that whenever there will be any degradation of dharma, HE will come, HE will save the downtrodden in human society.

Today is that Krśńa Janmastahtmi, from today before 3500 years ago, in this earth, Bhagaván Krśńa was born. He took His Ávirbháva(Advent) for the humanity’s upliftment(udhyan) Bhagaván Krśńa, so what HE did, regarding this in MY discourses on Maha-Bhárata, you may find in Maha-Bhárata discourses.

Krśńa had come, in fact in a very especial critical stage(adbhuta vishesa samaya mai), when humanity was in state of discontentment, but Krśńa, HE had given a greatest hope(ashvasvanii), abhayavanii(fearlessness hope) was given, that whenever humanity goes to a very dreadful degradation state, then HIS another advent will happen(adbudhyan).

HE said,

Yadá yadá hi dharmasya glánirbhavati Bhárata;

Cábhyutthánam adharmasya tadátmánaḿ srjámyáham.

Addressing Arjuna has Bhárata, what’s the meaning of Bhárata?
Bhárata, is not only the name of a country, but the word Bhárata means, the root verb Saḿskrta – “Bhr” means “to feed”, so “Bhara”- “Bhr” plus “al” suffix, “Bhara” means feeder, supplier of food and “ta” – “tan” root verb plus suffix “da” is “ta”,
ta” means “helping in all round expansion”, “helping in all round development”.

HE expected that, all living persons of the human society, should shoulder this type of responsibility, that is, they feed others, then feed the suffering humanity, and not only they’ll be feeding the hungry humanity, but they will help them in all respects, in their all-round development, that’s why, addressing Arjuna, HE said, Bhárata, Oh! Bhárata, Oh ! Bhárata, the name Bhárata-varsa is also derived from the same root, “varsa” means “country”, the country that feeds its people and helps its people in all round development, is Bhárata-varsa.

Addressing Arjuna, Krśńa is saying -

Yadá yadá hi dharmasya glánirbhavati Bhárata;

Cábhyutthánam adharmasya tadátmánaḿ srjámyáham.

Hey, Bhárata, why it is said as Bhárata, samskrta “Bhr” dhatu means “to feed”, we say “Bharana and paoshan”, the food department, only for food department, we say Jala and Bharana, so Bharana means to feed.

So Bhrata, if one feeds to any lady, or one who takes the responsibility to feed a lady – Bhr dhatu Ktin prathma ek vacana – “Bhrata” means “husband”.

The husband’s duty is to feed, so the husband is called as “Bhrata”.

Whose responsibility is to feed is known as Bhara, then “tan” prathaka + da = ta, “ta” means “expansion”, who helps in “all round development”.

“Tan” means “to expand”, as the child body goes on growing in size, so from the moment, child takes birth till 39 years of age, the body grows, so till that age, we call the body has “Tanu”, so “Tanu” means whose nature is to expand, “Tan” means “to expand”, and after 39 years the body starts waning, so we cannot call that as “tanu”.

So Krśńa was saying that, those who were important personalities and leaders in society were responsible, and according to one’s capacity, they must feed and for their all round development of rahani, jismani and ruhani, that is physical, mental and spiritual development that is for all round development, I shall help.

So addressing Arjuna, Krśńa is saying “Oh! Bhárata, Yadá yadá hi dharmasya glánirbhavati -

Whenever dharma comes to its secondary position, degraded position, depraved position, that is dharma is being defeated by adharma, in the temporary phase of the war, finally dharma wins, but you know, a war is divided into several phases, and each and every phase is known as battle.

So in one battle, adharma may win, in another battle, dharma may win, but finally, as a result of the final fight of the war, dharma wins, whenever in a battle, dharma is defeated,

Yadá yadá hi dharmasya glánirbhavati – “glani” means “to go below its recognized position”, each and every entity, has got its recognized position, recognized stratum, but when it goes below its recognized position, we say there is “glani in it, and whenever an object goes above its recognized position, we say, there is “utthána” in it, “glani”- it is going below, “utthána” – going above.

Yadá yadá hi dharmasya glánirbhavati

Hey Bhárata, Oh Bhárata, whenever there is defeat or degradation or deprivation of dharma and Cábhyutthánamadharmasya and adharma, there is “ábhyutthána” – “utthána” – utthána means “hi” – utthána” is called “ábhyutthána” and there is “ábhyutthána” of adharma, then what does happen, it goes beyond the jurisdiction, rather beyond the physical strength of human beings, HE place, rather HE place dharma in its proper position, in that case humanity cries for the advent of the Lord, and HE appears.

The Supreme manifestation in form of SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI Jii has appeared and have taken advent as in above mentioned paragraph placing the dharma in its proper position and the necessary steps has been arranged with His newer modes of thoughts in all branches of existence to wipe out the complete dominance of brutal force over the honest class of society and guide them and to protect dharma that is protect humanity from total danger of destruction by giving this anticipation of teaching that “Self Realization” which is the greatest means for salvation and “selfless action” is the real service.

Átmamokśárthaḿ jagat hitáya ca – “Whatever one is to do one is to do for Átmamokśa – for one’s own liberation – and for the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society.”

This soubriquet is a patronizing expression of admiration and gratitude for the profuse love and kindness showered by ” BÁBÁ ” another name of endearment to commemorate SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s infinite grace for stanch disciples and the world in large who had plans to create a “Great Universe” in this era, to set up that annals in this world, that at the age of 34 years formed and constituted the society for the propagation of ÁNANDA MÁRGA  teachings & complete way of life, to those who were in quest of the awe-inspiring path of righteousness to establish dharma(spirituality). “ÁNANDA MÁRGA PRACÁRAKA SAḾGHA” is the name which represents a dynamic structure for propogation of dharma, which He Himself set forth since its inception with mandatory instructions to those torchbearers.

Those who were, those who are and those who will have desire for mukti(Liberation), then as per His teaching referring to Ananda Sutram 3-8. Muktyákáunkśayá Sadguru Práptih. [Those having intense desire for mukti (liberation), Sadguru will definitely fulfill & grant mukti(Liberation)].

As per the citation of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii delivering in general darshan discourse on 04 October, 1978 at Patna, “BRAHMA Himself is the GURU. There cannot be any second Guru. HIS secret is known to HIM only, and HE expresses HIMSELF through a framework, a form. Now, generally people say that the form is GURU, but the form is not GURU; the GURU is expressing HIMSELF through that form”.

So, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii’s purpose has GURU  was choreographed only, when HE was a child, how HE has a GURU would establish this “Bhágavata Dharma” and was working and contributing this universal ideology rendering a scientific & logically revising by correcting the practices of life in all strata of existence and creating spiritual aspirants, who transformed themselves and were ready to take responsibility and duty, to lead everybody towards the limitless desire of experiencing the supreme bliss (A’NANDA) in day to day life.

Since very early age of life, SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR made the first move to exhibit HIS role of GURU teaching an encompassing all comprehensive universal knowledge of Intuitional Practice(Sádhaná) in 1939 of August month when it was full moon day to a dacoit(robber) at Kashimirta Ghat, Calcutta, when Beloved Baba(SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR) was studying in Vidyasagar College, only 18 years of age and henceforth started teaching to all the true seekers, who were at the verge of searching the life purpose and also eagerly awaiting for their “Redeemer GURU” to show them the path.

GURU Shrii P.R.Sarkar awaited for opportune moment and told those sincere aspirants, one fine day of 5th January 1955 inviting all those spiritual practitioners by rendering a subject of discourse & after the discourse, those group of practitioners later declared that let SADGURU SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI Jii’s teaching and mission of life, will be henceforth be called “ÁNANDA MÁRGA”.

Being President of “ÁNANDA MÁRGA” has SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR and being Sadguru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI Jii playing both roles, knew that this world will be small because of miraculous growth of human intellect and the people will be able to travel from one planet to another.

HE declared in one of the discourses that the guiding factor for the propogation of “The Path of Supreme Bliss – ÁNANDA(Supreme Bliss) MÁRGA(the path) ” was “Bhágavata Dharma”, where a great human society has to be established to live & move together irrespective of so many divisions existing in society, by beginning with a department called “Renaissance Universal” in 1958, so that all the people irrespective of color, race, nationality or religion can leave together as the progeny of the “Supreme Progenitor” having a common Goal.

SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI has ended the impasse in the philosophical thought of the age very systematically starting from the year 1955 with the elementary ideas of correcting the defects in all existing philosophies and presenting to the future all evolutionary needs of life in the first book “Ánanda Márga“. In the few months of time immediately, HE created by training a few family Ácáryas, to work for the  ÁNANDA MÁRGA to represent HIM to propagate HIS teaching and way of life.

Thus BÁBÁ introduced these “Ácáryas” training them step by step, how to build a new world with HIS original metaphysical system in 1956 by expounding “Social Codes and Usages” in three parts called CARYÁCARYA.

“Carya” means “dos” and “a-carya” means “don’ts”; hence “Caryácarya” means the dos and don’ts of life, which leads to universal sphere of existence applicable to any age and place explaining “ÁNANDA MÁRGA YOGA, its social structure, code of conduct giving guidelines, which is absolutely different from astaunga yoga.

From BÁBÁ’s deep spiritual in-sight of unassailable certainty and profundity giving this “Universal Ethics” in 1957 by dictating, “A GUIDE TO HUMAN CONDUCT” book was put forth during the work of building a new cardinal human values & rules of how to live in society which is called as “Jeevan Veda” in SAḾSKRTA .

Later during the preparation, SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI Jii thought of contributing a “Healthy Lifestyle” in 1958 by giving “YOGIC TREATMENT AND NATURAL REMEDIES” to the world of medicine through ÁNANDA MÁRGA YOGA and a new invention of science called “BIO-PSYCHOLOGY” which explains in depth about the micro-psychic longings, i.e., psycho-physical longing concerning inborn instinct; psycho-physical longing concerning non-inborn instinct; psychic longing for psychic pabulum; and longings concerned with apexed psychology. So this new science of “Bio-Psychology” has been added to be a part of philosophy in ÁNANDA MÁRGA”. This Contribution will be stalled in every age and stands unparallel forever.

Likewise has a “Supreme Preceptor” to command and guide the intellectuals gave an embracing social outlook of “Renaissance Universal” in 1958 dedicating the works how to solve the “Problems of the Day“.

By this time in 1959, SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR has deeply decided and seriously thought to give a “PROGRESSIVE UTILIZATION THEORY” for this time and coming generation how to utilize and enhance all the potentialities of this universe in a proper way according to time, place and person by establishing a foundational structure to create the great universe by all the “Patriots of the Universe”.

So in this premeditated way in 1959, MAHÁSAMBHÚTI SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI gave IDEA & IDEOLOGY book, which reveals the secret of ontology, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, psychology and cosmology of life to practice spirituality in day to day life for the first time in the history of our planet explaining every bit of information of this creation rationally and scientifically.

Later in 1961 elaborated the “Tantric Evolution of Creation” where entire ÁNANDA MÁRGA philosophy are threaded in a condensed way within these 85 aphorisms from HIS book called ÁNANDA SÚTRAM .

SADGURU SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI started giving discourses beginning of 1955 travelling every nook and corner of India bringing a new dimension to systematize all the ideas based on “TANTRA & YOGA” by contributing monumental books on a bewildering variety of subjects at an implausible speed.

Shrii P.R.Sarkar while working in railway department of Jamalpur fulfilling the household responsibilities and at same time dedicating every spell of time by giving diverse topics with such undisputed authority will be remembered in the minds of this age and every age giving an absolute notion for many centuries and for the unconditional effort to set up an example in this regard.

SUPREME PRECEPTOR of extraordinary personality, who championed the early renaissance with such an overflowing mission of “The Path of Supreme Bliss”, in the year 1955, was remarkable.

The metaphor has often been used, whose original campus was Jamalpur, where universal preceptor BÁBÁ undergone the studies, since birth, & later established the global mission, which has grown as a full fledged organization throughout the nine sectors of the world and stands testimony to the continuity,

With the long-drawn-out progression of encyclopaedic quality dealing with setting up monastic order in the year 1960 for those who were willing to carry the mission of establishing “Bhágavata Dharma” and from the year 1961 to 1966, during this process came up with “Education Relief and Welfare section”, “Women Welfare Department” and setting up “Global Master Unit” to bring all righteous people to propagate the mission’s purpose was really fabulous.

During the completion of  governmental responsibilities by taking a long leave in 1966, BÁBÁ wished to dedicate whole time for establishing a “One Great Universal Society”, at this instant decided to send the missionaries overseas, first to Africa in 1965, to Philippines in 1967, to Europe in 1969 and to other countries in 1970.

Preceptor SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR in 1968, 1969 and later in 1979 went on a world tour to generate a vibration spreading the mission for the great world as “Supreme Father” and for HIS unconditional love coming onto this earth. Ba’ba’’s 1st overseas tour to Maharlika was from June 20th – 27th, and 2nd visit was from April 20th to 25th, 1969.

In 1969, SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI demonstrated in practice over spiritual aspirants, the philosophical explanations, teachings and practical aspects of intuitional science to the devotees to prove that preceptor SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR/BÁBÁ was not only giving theory about the philosophy.

A strong vibratory supra aesthetic science called “KIIRTAN” was introduced in the year 1970 for the collective elevation inventing “BÁBÁ NAM KEVALAM” near Ranchi, India.

BA´BA´ NA´M KEVALAM” is the siddha mantra for kiirtan. It originated from among the devotees, both acarya and duty bearing margiis between 8-10 October, RANCHI diocese in 1970, then head quarters of A.M.P.S. Officially it got recognition by preceptor BÁBÁ as a siddha mantra, during DEEPAVALI celebration in 1970, and was announced as such that very evening.

The word BÁBÁ comes from SASKRTA “Bapra”. “Bapra” means “Beloved”. “Bapra” became “Bappa” in prákrta. In ardha prákrta it first became “Báppá”, and then changed to “Babu” and then to “Bábá”.

In 1970, “Ánanda Márga Universal Relief Team[AMURT]” was established and “SEMINAR” system was introduced to advocate the teaching in a special way and for proper utilization of physical, mental and spiritual potentiality of individual and collective body from village level to global level to spread the “Universal Ideology”. During this seminar phase itself beloved BABA re-introduced TÁŃD́AVA dance.

In the year of 1971, the distorted heritage for the last thousands of years were scrutinized by framing “16 Points” for an all round welfare & it seems SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s approach was always scientifically directed to project the vast glorifying Ideas to remove such distortions, as a spiritual preceptor, as an intellectuo – intuitional guide and as a supreme progenitor of the whole world, by delivering discourses on all the branches of knowledge with such explicit intuitional genius, would certainly transform our whole generation to highest calibre of advancement in all avenues of life’s existence.

For the coming generation, the most tangible testimony to vision the choreography of each and every incident of passing days, narrating the whole picture of worlds insight of any age, person and time, with clear perceptions about the mark of culture, origin, tradition, language, civilization etc, can be seen illustrated in various tours in India and around the world, during the visits, during the discourses, during personal contacts, during field walks etc., which is quite explicitly recorded by the devotees of time.

Curious as it may sound, at present many of the so called great teachers are throwing their efficient trauma of knowledge to highlight the deficiency of provokancy to attain fame and gain popularity, but our Preceptor was charged with false allegation in 1971 and sent to prison by the opponents.

To articulate the citation about true Supreme Preceptor SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI in one of the Discourse explains, That is, when Táraka Brahma comes, the entire intellect of the world gets polarized — one north pole, another south pole; one admirer, another opponents”, these proves that our Preceptor have been the object of persecution by opponents of then world/evil minded persons.

SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR/BÁBÁ observed and taught the disciples how to observe Spiritual Morality & to develop oneself in all respects. SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s aficionado, who were following the “Ideals of ÁNANDA MÁRGA” were given lot of harassment during this period of persecution by the evil mongers/opponents that time.

Many of SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s great devotees (DADHIICI) in protest did “Self Immolations” all over the world to bring a wakefulness demanding righteousness to their Preceptor.

Shrii P.R.Sarkar protesting in support of the ideological stand for the opponents false allegations and poisoning attempt by jail officials(12, February 1973) remained without solid food for 5 years, 4 months and 2 days(1938 days), in a closed door of the prison, and for such a long time to remain without solid food, tolerating such innumerable tribulations of this self centred rulers who were the opponents in this world in India and overseas.

So, SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR, our Supreme Preceptor of all qualities was to undergo the trial for 7 years(1971-1978) and with Warming Reception from few thousand devotees from all over the world could come out successful to show the true spirit of how spiritual force and righteousness triumphs in this eternal game of creation.

The idea of putting SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s advent as a memorable antique, by over assuming the important contemporaries of any branches in the early 20th century will be most edifying. In the year of 1979 – from May to September, His true devotees invited their Beloved Preceptor Shrii Shrii ÁNANDAMÚRTI to hold Dharma Maha Cakra(Great Spiritual Social Congreagation) in Fiesch, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Spain, Jamaica, South America (Venezuela), Copenhagen, Iceland, Middle East (Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Athens) and the Far East Asia(Thailand and Taiwan). Here in Taiwan, Beloved BÁBÁ was given a V.I.P welcome by the Taiwanese Government & HIS loving Devotees.

Our Civilization mystery, the Original LAND of TANTRA was unfolded by SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR/BÁBÁ also while speaking about Ráŕh: The Cradle of Civilization in the year 1980, and also while discussing the language and its development through the ages, and the difference between SAḾSKRTA and Vaedic languages, BÁBÁ has discarded the notion that SAḾSKRTA has come from outside or that it has any connection with the coming of the aryans to India. The intonation and script of Rarh have also been discussed in length.

“Sáhitya” – BÁBÁ says, constitutes those expressions of public mind which follows the path of general upliftment -which are associated with well being. “Hitena saha ityarthe sáhitya”.

All aspirants on this Planet Earth will very well know this renowned and admirable Supreme Father of Intuitional Legacy of this Era, whose path-breaking research on modern Universal Outlook was untouchable through the worldly modes of acquaintances.

Our Beloved Preceptor had plans for the world which was and is moving dynamically, continued giving the clairvoyant teaching coming out victorious and could narrate thousands of years Itikathá (History) about the past Supreme Preceptors, LORD SADÁSHIVA &

LORD KRŚŃA who have contributed their teaching, which is still existing in present day culture of the world, that people during their time, were given a galloping standard of living accordingly, how to build a society based on the solid Ideals of Dharma (Spirituality).

In the year of 1981, Dharma Samiks’a of over many thousand Whole time workers (Wt’s) and few selected margiis were conducted by Shrii Shrii ÁNANDAMÚRTI by scanning their past, present and future lives and guiding and giving aspiration for upgrading one’s discipline and morality; so that one can be physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually elevated to do cent percent Service to build Well knit Society.

Shrii P.R.Sarkar also presented the “Nandana Vijiṋána”/”Aesthetic Science” of Music has an illustrious composer by rendering 5018 PRABHÁT SAḾGIITA composition which has cadence, tune and poetic elegance from all ancient traditional music of the World starting from 14 September 1982.

Likewise in the same year 1982, Shrii P.R.Sarkar started giving a new dimension to liberate the Intellect, “NEO HUMANISM” was propounded which has positive influence that can be applied by all Neo Humanist to overcome any existing Dogma which created fissiparous tendencies rooted in society for hundreds and thousands of years. So to establish Bhágavata Dharma in this World, one must care each and every inanimate, plant and animal world together and also over come one’s geo sentiment, socio sentiment and human sentiment, so our coming generations can build a new Neo Humanistic Society to move together in near future.

Shrii P.R.Sarkar had to unfold HIS determination to shape each and every aspect of life to create this Great Universe, shouldering the responsibility of managing this ÁNANDA MÁRGA Global Organization giving direction to their Whole time Workers and Householders who were industriously working as per the Structural system and Discipline all over the Globe.

SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR’s any teachings has benevolent style of absolute contribution.

If one may go through all the works from 1983 till1985,  SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR explains according to Philology i.e., the science of language, Grammar involve the study of (1) Phonetics, Phonemics and Phonology, (2) Morophology, (3) Syntax, (4) Semantics.

Philology also entails the study of the origin, history and growth of languages and dialects and their inter-relationships.

As a Philologist, Shrii P.R.Sarkar gives a new dimension to the subject with Varńa Vijiṋána (the Science of Letters) – a volume of 440 pages and Varńa Vicitrá (Various Use of Letters) – 5 Volumes of which, each containing about 250 pages have already been published and more are in process of publication.

In the series of publications captioned “Varna Vicitra, Shrii P.R.Sarkar has analysed the significance, meanings and uses of the Varnas(letters of the alphabets) in unthinkable details. This contribution is unique and unparalleled in as much as nobody could have imagined that a letter of the alphabet could be explained and analyzed in such a way.

The discourses on the “Science on letters” delivered from 29th June 1983 to 6th November 1983 have been complied chronologically and the complied volume has been captioned “Varna Vijinana”. The book captioned “Varńa Vijiṋána” gives the descriptive, historical and comparative grammar of all the important languages of the World in Short.The subsequent discourses delivered from 20th November 1983 onwards have also been chronologically arranged in different volumes under the caption “Varna Vicitra”.

The dialects of different Indian languages their special features, their inter-affinity, areas of operation and their contribution in building up history and literature have been copiously described. While discussing various dialects and languages, Shrii P.R.Sarkar has revealed many facts so far unknown, which open up new areas of research and create new history.

In this Profound exposition, Shrii P.R.Sarkar has painstakingly uncovered the underlying tone of unity in the apparently confusing diversity of these various languages. According to Shrii P.R.Sarkar, all, languages of the world are like “Gems in one thread” – Sutre ‘Manigan’ a’iba’. Our Preceptor emphasizes that the study of Philology and Phonetics can bring diverse objects together, can wash out their superficial diversity and bring out the essential intrinsic oneness among them. This verily brings us again into the domain of Neo-Humanism.

Comparative Philology which is 420 pages and Grammar is almost 2000 pages from the books, which deals with peculiarities of each letter of SAḾSKRTA alphabet. The occasional references to facts of Sociology, Ethnology, flora and fauna, while dealing with Derivation, Emanation and Distortions of words are of immense interest and importance to the research students of Linguistics.

Shrii P.R.Sarkar’s yet another monumental contribution to the store-house of Human Knowledge is HIS serialized Discourses on 50 letter of Tantrika Varńamala, spread over 2500 pages, where Ba’ba’ deals with a variety of topics having relevance to Social History, Geography, Ethnology, Culture, Music, Horticulture & vareity of topics of diverse interest to different Readers.

6000 pages of long-winded succession in an encyclopaedic environment of Linguistics called “Shabda Cayaniká” book dealing with “SAḾSKRTA” words explains how it is associated with different branches of human knowledge dictating length and breadth the actual facts of each particular “Word”/”Shabdá” during the normal day to day schedule which unwraps an assorted Omniscience quality of Supreme Entity.

As SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s Dedication, has nurtured and will nurture in all branches of the human genius, one must be cent percent faithful to begin the practice of this Divine Infinite Bliss Path. So by rendering valuable guidelines in all aspects of life, simplifying the destination for each one of us to lead a perfect life, in this world of ignorance will be a Great testimony.

In the year 1986, 31 May in Calcutta BÁBÁ’s subject of discourse was “The Poles shift their respective positions”. Here, BÁBÁ says in case of our poles, the poles may shift their positions and in the past, such a shifting took place several times in the annals of this planet also, and also in the history of so many other planets, and BÁBÁ  says that everybody moves, certainly the poles move, and they have already started their function of shifting their respective positions and you see as a result of such a change, and if the change takes place very fast, then there may come another ice-age here on this Earth.

In the same year on 31 December, BÁBÁ was also unique in revealing about the Origin of Life on this planet calling those entities has ” MICROVITUM, THE MYSTERIOUS EMANATION OF COSMIC FACTOR” which will bring a total revolution in any branches of Physical Science, Metaphysics, Nuclear Physics, Bio chemistry, Mathematics and all other branches of Humanities etc and other related Sciences in present day and future also.

BÁBÁ also gave numerous talks on all aspects of Integrated farming from the end of 1987 onwards. BÁBÁ/Shrii P.R.Sarkar was especially keen that underdeveloped and developing countries should adopt a more scientific system of Integrated farming.

Later during the final planning of working, SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI gave a system of Education to the Whole World naming “Bhágavata Dharma Vishva Vidyálaya” also known as “GURUKULA”.

Within a period of 35 years(1955-1990), SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR/ SHRII SHRII ANANDAMURTI / BÁBÁ has not given one whole day, only for personal family purusits but nevertheless built up with indefatigable wholeheartedness and thorough care giving all to create a mighty Organization with its branches and sub-branches all over the world, to establish various needs regarding proper socio-economic, moral, intellectual, cultural, spiritual need of the people for all time.

This is the most opportune time for us to make proclamation to the world that SHRII PRABHÁT RAIṊJAN SARKÁR/ SHRII SHRII ANANDAMURTI / BÁBÁ was none other than a Supreme Manifestation who took “Advent” to ensure Salvation for all living creatures of this world and completed everything with a definite plan of action, which has been devised in the STRUCTURAL PLANNING OF “ÁNANDA MÁRGA PRACÁRAKA SAḾGHA”.

“MAHÁKAOLA/ MAHÁSAMBHÚTI SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI was an immeasurable DIVINE PERSONALITY, an unsolved Mystery having the charisma of contributing HIS connotation and in so doing that our PRECEPTOR was beyond all corporeal limitations and related bondages where no human can think to write about any of the Contributions with his/her small cranium or petty so called bookish knowledge.



By leaving an undying legacy for the missionaries to continue rendering such Selfless Service to the whole World, for spreading the message of “PATH OF INFINITE DIVINE BLISS” door to door.